Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Workshops in March 2008

Workshops ... week starting 10th March
I shall be running workshops during this week in Singapore ... flying down from sleepy Chiangmai in northern Thailand.
The details are listed in the postings (messages) below.
... all with a Web 2.0 and Teaching & Learning Theme.
Visit Synergyst (Singapore organisers) for more details www.synergyst.com or download a brochure from www.synergyst.com/forms/ICTforTeach&Learn.pdf

One of the advantages of Web 2.0, apart from being a powerful set of online tools for teaching and learning, is that it is very low cost and in many cases free providing you have an internet connection.
It is planned to have a hands-on session in these workshops where you can try some of the applications ... but that, of course, will depend on the internet connection behaving itself.

I shall be taking some photographs during the sessions ... hope you don't mind, but if a problem then just let me know privately.

Sometimes people ask if they can bring their own laptop ... if you want to do this then please do so ... but it is best if you can arrive early in order to see if it can be connected to the internet through the network and arrange a suitable space. If you are on the Podcasting session then you'll need to install some (free) software before you arrive ... email me and I'll let you know where to find it.

The machines used in the computer labs for the public sessions are all Microsoft Windows.

I look forward to working with you ... please note, though, that you have one homework task to do before we meet ... see below for details.

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At 1:28 AM, Blogger DrGoOnAir said...

Hi Chris, I am Swee Leng, currently teaching in Bedok Town Secondary School. My students' age range from 12 to 18 years. I have set up a blog but not sure how else to make it more interesting.
My questions are
(1) for the Making use of Blogs for teaching and learning, Use of podcasts for teaching and learning and social networks and virtual worlds for teaching and learning, will it be taught using microsoft or mac?
(2) is it possible to add my own video clips on my blog or is it better to podcast it?
(3)What is the difference between putting a video on a blog or a podcast?
(4) Is there a standard format for uploading pics, videos, music files onto the blog/podcast?
(5)I have looked into your blog. Would you be sharing with us how to protect our photos as some of these can be very personal?
(6) I am teaching both music and science. Hope that I would be able to use the blog, podcast and virtual world to broaden the horizons of my teaching and to enhance my teaching career.
(7) If I face problems after the course, where can I get help?
(8) If there are further details or pre-paratory work needed, please email me at tan_swee_leng@moe.edu.sg
Thank you very much


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