Saturday, June 20, 2009

(W7) Video in Teaching and Leaning

Thur 10th Sept 1:45-5:00
Using Video in Teaching and Learning
Video as digital media is now highly accessible on the internet and is becoming a more common multimedia resource to use with your students.
We will cover 'where to find videos', and what to do with them once found. We will also look at some of the production and editing tools, especially those that can be used in a web browser.
Other video-related topics covered will be screencasting, streaming video and embedding video into blogs and other webpages ... and, of course, YouTube
We will be joined online by a teacher from Shanghai who uses video with his students and who provides training to colleagues on how to use video in classrooms ... I will be asking him to share his experiences .... a survival guide on using 'Video in classrooms for begin
If you already have a video camera then please feel free to bring along to show others ... I'll be showing my favourite ... the Flip Camcorder

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