Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogs in Teaching and Learning

Tue 1st Dec 2009 : 9:00-12:15
BLOGS ... in teaching and learning

What is a Blog (Weblog), how do you make one and what can they be used for in teaching and learning? ... we will answer all of these and you will create one for yourself in real time.
We will also look at how to embed images, sound, video and PowerPoints into a Blog.

We will end the session looking at "
Twitter" (micro blogging) ... which has (surprisingly) become a very powerful professional development tool for teachers.

If you have time before the workshop then have a browse around and

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At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Chiew Sook Yee said...

HI, I am Chiew Sook Yee, a Chinese Language teacher from Nan Hua Primary School. I would like to know if Blogs is only meant for publishing notices, displaying teaching relevant materials, displaying pupil's work. I would like to know what other function does blogs have.


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