Saturday, June 20, 2009

Singapore Workshops 7-11 Sept 2009

Early in September I shall again be flying down to Singapore from sleepy Chiangmai, in Thailand, to facilitate a week of workshops.

Details are all below and although they may seem to have an emphasis on the skills aspects it should be noted that throughtout there will be discussions about how these applications and tools relate to teaching and learning.

All sessions have a "hands-on" practical element.

I'm also hoping that we will all benefit from your own experiences ... the good and the not-so-good ... so please arrive with a willingness to not only challenge what I offer but also with a willingness to collaborate.

So PLEASE start now by adding your comments for each workshop you attend ... click on the 'comments' button underneath each blog post below.

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At 12:01 AM, Blogger Julie said...

I wonder if adding online supplemental courses to your school curriculum might be an interesting use of technology in education? K12 Inc., the largest provider of online courses for schools,is currently in the Asia region educating educators and families about the use of online courses to enhance curriculum options for teachers and students.


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