Thursday, January 15, 2009

(W5) Beyond PowerPoint

Beyond PowerPoint
Wednesday 18th March 09 ... 9am to 12.00pm

Are you or your students becoming bored using PowerPoint as the main tool for producing presentations ... are you or your students  suffering from "Death by PowerPoint" or "PowerPointlessness"?  .... then this session is designed specifically for you (or your students).

We will look at some of the alternatives for spicing up your presentations and making them more exciting  ... not only using software but also web 2.0 online applications.

The alternatives chosen are mainly free, can be learnt in just a few minutes by teachers with very little experience and make use of the slides you have already produced in your old PowerPoints.  We will also look at ways in which students can build and share their presentations collaboratively.

In addition you will be shown where to find free (legal) resources for presentations (images, videos and sound files)  .... and clarify how to copyright your own resources.

Those attending this session are expected to:

  a) introduce themselves before the session on the Blog at
  b) bring a thumbdrive/flashdrive to save files on ... or bring your own laptop
  c) bring a PowerPoint (ppt file) presentation of no more than 10 slides to the session.
  d) already be able to make basic PowerPoint presentations.

This is not a session on how to use Microsoft PowerPoint but about how to move on to something even more inspirational and motivating that supports the teaching and learning for yourself and for your students.



At 8:33 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Hello. I am Mark Clement. I teach History and Theory of Knolwedge to high school students at the International School Ho Chi Minh City. This year the school supplied all students in Grades 9-11 and their teachers with tablets. I use the internet a lot for resources. We also use programs such as OneNote, MS Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. I am looking forward to learning more advanced applications.

At 3:38 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Hello there. I'm Rob Starmer. I'm also making my way over from HCMC in Vietnam. I'm teaching Grade 9-12 Biology in the MYP and DP programs. I am at the same school as Mark in the above post. I'm hoping that I can develop a few more interesting ways for my students to make use of the tablet computers they have been given.
I have been trying to get my students to use PowerPoint as a tool rather than "pressing all the buttons at once". I love it as a presentation medium when it's done well.....but we've all seen a lot of terrible ones. I'm looking forward to this workshop.


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