Thursday, November 13, 2008

“S2 COE/IT Teachers Workshop” at Crescent Girls’ School

“S2 COE/IT Teachers Workshop” at Crescent Girls’ School on Wednesday 19th November.
I'm looking forward to this day, I've been asked to work with you on a general intro to what Web 2.0 is all about and then an afternoon session on how to make Podcasts.

This is a bit of a challenge for me because I do not know what skills and experience you already have ... are you a beginner ... or an expert technology evangelist. Do you use technology a lot with your students or are you still experimenting to determine what is the most suitable to use in your classroom.

Should I plan for us all to start at ground zero .... or ...?

So to help me to better plan the day to best suit your individual needs I'd be grateful if you would
hit the COMMENT button just below this post and ...
  • introduce yourself
  • give me an idea of what you hope to gain during the day
  • any instances where you have already used technology with your students
  • if you have a Blog or website then please add the address
  • are there and specific questions you'd like me to attempt to answer?
  • anything else you would like to mention ....
This should only take you a few minutes ....

I know you are on holiday and so I am really encouraged that you will be attending in this "personal time" ... so I'll ensure that it is time well spent .... my own personal goal is that you leave at the end of the day saying that it was time well spent and you will be taking away some new skills that you want to use with your students..

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At 4:49 PM, Blogger Mabel said...

I am a green horn adn belong to the dinosaur age but out of necessity and personal interest want to invade the teenage world of blogs to understand them better.
I hope to be able to access blogs, interact and use them for teaching EL. I can surf the internet but am not good with hitech techno, such as audio, video, facebook and am dyign to want to know how to blog..
My email is
I have created a blog using ' still dont know how to get in to interact with friends.
Often friends send a hi5 and i dont know what to do to connect with them. HELP!!
I have taught for 30 yrs--so you know my age, right?
Thanks n Rgds



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