Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rosyth School (Private Session)

Rosyth School (Private Session)
2:30 to 5:30
(might be a late start see below .. sorry)
Monday 12th March 2007
venue: school campus
Technology for Primary English Teachers

This is going to be a fun and informative 3 hour session ...

2:30-3:30 Session 1
This session was be a presentation to the whole group
Covered a selection of small computer programmes useful in your teaching ... plus they will be free programmes so that you could give them to students as homework.
3:30-4:30 Session 2 + includes break
This session was 'hands on" trying some of the programmes shown is session 1 ...
4:30-5:30 Session 3
This session was a presentation with the whole group.
Blogs and Podcasting were covered but not in depth ... we did also have a brief look at Google Earth.

All of the activites above have been chosen with the "Teach Less Learn More" (TLLM) Singapore initiative in mind (thanks to Norlela for reminding me about this).
If you want to be reminded of this initiative then click on the logo on the left which takes you to a list of education resources in Singapore, just click on the one you want .... you can also download and view a PowerPoint presentation about TLLM by clicking HERE

Well ... this session was fun and informative
.. and from the evaluation forms it seemed most of you enjoyed it and found it to be informative which I'm really pleased about ... especially considering the volumn of material we covered.

You can now see a link in the column on the right to the photographs of you I took ... just click on the small image.
.... and if you wish to listen to Doris talking about her plants (great fun) then just go to

If you wish to listen to my welcome message (which is a Podcast)from before the workshop Click on this link or the player below ... you will need headphones or loudspeaker on your computer.

Have fun ...
Chris ..
you can find out more about me by clicking on some of the links on the right of this page



At 1:40 AM, Blogger Farah said...

Hi Chris.

I am looking forward to attending the course and learning more how to put up podcasts and blogs. I have visited a few but have no idea how to put them up. I'm sure its going to be an interesting session tomorrow.



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